Saturday, July 29, 2006

Richard Branson

Joy asked me why I like the guy. In 1995, my brother-in-law passed away in Wales. I had to get a flight back from Los Angeles to the UK in a hurry. The only flight I could get was a Virgin (Ricahrd Branson's company) flight. The round trip to Manchester cost $1,700, but I was told that if I supplied a copy of the Death Certificate, they would look at reducing the price to a "bereavement fare". I duly supplied a copy of the DC, and a couple of weeks later, I received a personally signed letter from Mr Branson, expressing his sympathies for my loss, and stating that the whole amount had been credited to my credit card. The guy's a champ in my book, and I always fly with Virgin whenever I can. He's one of the people I've always wanted to meet, along with Lady Margaret Thatcher. And Dubya, but I won't go there.