Monday, March 19, 2007

Old Ladies and Sticks

In England, when it rains, they mention "Raining Cats and Dogs". In Wales, it's "Bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn." This translates (for those of you who are bereft of God's language means, "Raining Old Ladies and Sticks.")

Now this made me think of current events in the UK, which could possibly be duplicated here in the US.

Bringing me to the subject matter - Old Ladies and Sticks.

I read a very sad tale today of an elderly 79 year old lady who lives alone in Barnstaple – a delightful town on the north coast of Devon in England. Apparently, some unspeakable children knocked on her door, and she let them in. There were several of them, which were about 3 to 8 years old. They claimed they were collecting money for charity. When they left, she realized her purse was gone. Later her debit card was used and she lost a lot of money.

The Police suggest that the Pikeys did this, and are organizing their kids accordingly. Sorry, I really meant to call them travelers – got to be politically correct these days. But, in my experience, they are all criminals – has anyone seen the litter they leave behind?

My main point here is – do not ever open your door to anyone you don’t know, let alone kids (asking for a glass of water, for example). If someone is banging on my door, and I don’t know who they are, I ignore them. They can die of hypothermia for all I care. If they keep doing it, I call the Cops! Here in the US, they will turn up fairly quickly – less than 20 minutes. I believe in the UK, due to Mr. T. Blair’s edicts, they will turn up in 18 hours, if you’re lucky.

The last time I was in the UK, a yoof in a wooly hat turned up at the house I was staying at, banging at the door. He had an “identification tag”. He was collecting for something or other. I refused to open the door, and he then kicked it. He regretted that action an extremely short while later. Sorry Joy, you're right.

Here endeth today'd lesson. Lock up your daughters and your door.