Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Unfortunate Ms P. Hilton – A View From The US

The cry to her mother from this despicable cretin of “Mom, it’s not right” maybe says it all. This 26 year old (going on three) was convicted of driving under the influence of drink or drugs. Her license was suspended. She could have easily killed someone. And she was fined $1,500. My friend Dave Matthews was fined $2,000 and he has had to re-mortgage his house to pay the fine and the subsequent rehab etc. I doubt if P Hilton had to do that. Fines should be apportioned to their wealth. Fines are meant to ‘hurt’. Her fine could have built several hospitals/homes for the poor.

She then decided to drive her car not once but twice without a valid license. Go To Jail, Do Not Pass Go. America is agog that this woman could be treated as if she was a goddess. Even the racist ‘Reverend’ Al Shrapton says she should be locked up. But his contention was that as she was white, she got preferential treatment. Pot, kettle, black, Al. Remind me of OJ, Michael Jackson, and Mike Tyson…. Where is that other racist Rev. J Jackson when he is needed – when he’s not begatting another child that is, while his wife scrubs the kitchen floor.

The latest news is that Hilton’s lawyer ($$$ per nano-second which doesn’t even hit her purse) is appealing – nothing about her is appealing in my view, especially her videos. If I was the judge, I would double her sentence to 90 days and then 180 days every time she appeals, and she has the gall to turn up in court 20 minutes late. I wonder what Judge Judy would make of her.

This ‘lady’ has zero respect for the law. Just a trumped up little tart. Rich, but still a tart.

Here endeth today’s lesson.