Sunday, September 30, 2007

England - Where is it?

I was at the local supermarket buying some essentials (yes, Rik, beer was there on the list, but not milk and bread) when the check-out lady said, "So you're English." Smart, she could detect an accent. I wanted to point out that I didn’t have the accent, but I declined to be so educational.

"No, I'm Welsh."

"Isn't that part of Engalnd?" piped the lady behind me.

"No, it's a separate country, unless you listen to than plonker Prince Charles."

An argument ensued. The lady behind me was an 'English major' and other things which I did not understand, and so she ‘knew’. She quoted me Shakespeare:

"This royal throne of kings, this scepter'd isle,
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England."

Shakespeare was as demented as the next person when he wrote this. Couldn't spell to save his ass. England is not an island. It needs Scotland and Wales to keep it afloat.

Why do Americans relate England as the UK? I guess it's because most English people don't realize the difference. I recently read in a US newspaper that "Gordon Brown, the English Prime Minister".... that's the last time I read that newspaper. Tony Blair is Scottish too!

Unfortunately, even the Prince of Wales doesn't realize the errors of his ways. (A title thrust upon the Welsh who never wanted it.) He once mentioned that one day, he'd be the King of England. Such a plonker. Hasn't been an English monarch for over 200 years. Any wonder why the Scots and the Welsh want to break up the UK Union? Unfortunately, due to inbreeding, I suspect that Charles' IQ is on a par with my waist size - in inches. Check the eyes (too close together), and the low comb-over parting...

Here endeth today's lesson.