Monday, October 05, 2009

More Travels

Just over two weeks ago, I traveled to Germany for a three day meeting, held in German. Upon my very tired return, I had a couple of days to prepare myself for a trip to God's Country. I know, NZ comes close, but in my experience, the US takes a lot of beating. I flew Continental from Birmingham (England) to Newark NJ. This flight was not too bad apart from a 'serious' injury to my wrist. My hand slipped over 'the new ergonomically designed headphone socket'. This resulted in the plastic covering breaking, and the exposed metal caused a lot of blood. My fellow passenger in the next seat was a retired fireman/paramedic from a town called Dudley (mentioned in the Bible, no less - 'The Seven Dudley Sins'), who immediately called for help. Despite the requests of the flight attendants to 'please stop bleeding all over the place', I failed. Suffice to say that they did patch me up, and offered me a small bottle of wine as compensation. It was after all, the same color as blood.
Upon arrival at Newark, I sought medical attention, but was denied this - something about being potentially sued. So I joined the onward flight to Tampa to have to share half a seat with a 400 pound man sitting next to me. He couldn't even do up his seat belt. I thought this was illegal, but the attendant disagreed. No chance of a free upgrade then....

All was well upon arrival in Tampa, and BLS did her best impersonation of a nurse when I got to her abode. 10 days later, I have a rather nasty scab, coupled with the words of a nurse I met in FL still ringing in my ears telling me I should have had stitches!

But being back in FL was like a tonic for my weary body. 93/94 most days (that's 'hot' in Celsius), sat on the beach with Carys and BLS, had a few brews. Walked in the water with Carys. She's a doll. I watched the gulls watching me; as ever, they were vigilant in case a tasty morsel came their way. My granddaughter obliged when she dropped a couple of crackers.... Hitchcock came to mind...

The driving in FL does not improve. It's Road Rage State in my view. Most people in the State of FL are fun people, but put them behind the wheel of a car, and they become 'the evil ones'. So sad. There's a report in the local paper about drivers shouting abuse at cops and paramedics attending accident scenes as the delays piss them off.

Talking of sad, a brief intro is in order. I was staying in a La Quinta hotel. Quinta pleasant actually. Large room, with two large beds - I know, I can only occupy one at a time. $35 a night after my Senior's discount, my AARP discount, my Florida Resident's discount - I'm sure you get the picture... the normal rate is 'from $55', and we all know that this rate is only available if you book 60 years in advance.... But back to the Sad. I watched TV - a man and his jet-lag has to do something. There was the inevitable 'Wrestling' night. Hosted by the guest appearance of the Rev Al Shrapton..... doesn't that tell it all? I did change channel, before anyone asks!

I was quite amazed that I was still more tanned than my daughter who lives there! She was 40 while I was there! Makes me feel old, but we had a lot of fun. We had a small party of old friends around, I cooked the bratwurst. I've been told my bratwursts are to die for....

I've now returned to the Olde Worlde, where my wife has the flu, and I have the growing symptoms of this malaise. But I'm still Matron. Rik should be grateful that I'm not his Matron.

Here endeth today's lesson.