Tuesday, January 11, 2005

It's Tuesday, and it's not Belgium

Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of Huge Alex. My real name is Aled Hughes. However, most Europeans cannot pronounce Hughes, so they call me Herr Huge when they wish to be polite. In addition, when I lived in Palm Springs, California, a lady telemarketer once called my home and asked to speak with Huge Alex. Hence the name.
I shall endeavor to write some missives which can be thought provoking and fun. I said I'd endeavor, but somehow, I think I might fail. My son requests that I do not write any derogatory comments about him. How could I? When he sorts out all my PC problems.... I'm from the IBM Mainframe world, where problems a la Mr Gates just do not happen.
Today looks like another day here in paradise - Florida. It's chilly right now, just after dawn, (a mere 60), but we're promised another 80 later. For those of you who believe that Celsius is better, subtract 32, multiply by 5, divide by 9, add two raw egss, and you'll get an approximate number.
So welcome to my world, the only Aled in the whole of the US of A. Have a nice day, y'all.


Is this thing on? It looks like it