Saturday, March 14, 2009

On Smoking And Other Important Matters

After battling with how to add pics for several days, I have finally found out that all the hieroglyphics mean that the picture has actually been added. How silly of me not to realize that. Thank you Mr Gates for not sharing that information with a mere mortal. I feel so sorry for you Mr Gates that your wealth has dropped from $58 billion to $40 billion. You'll be sympathetic to my cause, no doubt, as I have also suffered. My wealth has dropped from 58 cents to 40 cents.
Be that may, Dear Readers. Today, I show you below a picture of a gem of wisdom seen on a Greek Ferry - Who Pays The Ferryman notwithstanding.
It reminds me of the hotel in Israel - there are no Non Smoking rooms. Ashtrays abound, and burn marks in the carpets. This seems to be the norm in Israel. But restaurants do not allow smoking.
I've just been to Hamburg Germany, where the law forbids smoking in restaurants. But, the restaurant owners mostly ignore this rule 'because the customers want to smoke'. I just hate having to sit in a smoky environment just because some lunatic wants to smoke and pollute the air that I have to breathe. (Mind you, I'd rather have to breathe in cigarette smoke than the smell of garlic.)
I once stayed in a hotel (should that be an hotel, Joy?) in China. Cigarettes were included in the price of the room - they were on offer just like chocolates. I took some back with me to Germany, where my then girl-friend thought this was a great idea. They were Marlboros after all. Then she lit one. I never saw her again. Marlboros in China are not the same as US ones it seems. Marlboro Man I ain't!
And before anyone comments (yes, you, Rik) I used to be a 3 - 4 pack a day man. Then I saw the light.... there must be a joke there somewhere. I'll be fuming if no one sees it. Or the butt of someone's comments.
Here endeth today's lesson.