Monday, February 20, 2006

Good Monday

OK, I think I have gotten past the basics. Here I am, about to take my Bachelors's degree in 'modern' mainframe computing. Now there's a mis-nomer if ever. If I fail this erstwhile test, I shall be doomed to second-class citizenship for the rest of this millenium. Perhaps wishing that I'd paid more attention to that awful thief Bill Gates. He really ought to be locked up. BTW, apparently, he's also got a personal hygiene problem -to any self-respecting PC merchant, this should be 'normal'..
The good news is that Rik and his brood will venture these shores on March 15th for 2 weeks. He's going to fix 4 dead PCs for me. I can then donate them to neighbors who enjoy sending emails to their fellow sextogenarians. I suspect that said neighbors will enjoy their new-found freedom.... getting emails allows them to call each other to say, "I've just sent you an email."
Amen. And women.

Bad Monday

Isn't every Monday bad? As it has been several weeks since I posted, I'm going to 'post' this, and if it works, World, await in abject anticipation. Words of wisdom will follow.