Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This Takes The Biscuit

While I was waiting for the local bus to leave the other day, I tried to take my mind off the choking diesel fumes by reading a local free newspaper. I came across this article. For some of our Colonial Cousins, a biscuit is a cookie. For those in The New World, a biscuit can loosely be described as a scone, mainly without the sultanas. Not to disappoint my Antipodean readers, the much favored Tim Tams are biscuits in that part of the world.

Now for some explanations. In The Olde Worlde, a scone is sliced in half, buttered (both sides), and a generous helping of home-made raspberry or strawberry jam added. For those without a care for calorie intake, a substantial dollop of Cornish or Devonian Clotted Cream can be added. In the New World, a biscuit is eaten with country (white) gravy, or honey. I know which I prefer. Perhaps they didn't have Clotted Cream on the Mayflower.

Be that may, back to the plot. I read this article in the free newspaper, and wondered if my esteemed readers might have experienced any 'accidents' while eating a biscuit.

Just for your informaton, the word biscuit comes from Latin which loosely meant baked twice. I've certainly known a few people who fit the category of 'half-baked'. BTW, In Russian, the word biscuit means 'sponge cake'.

Now, I'll go dunk some Custard Creams into my coffee and hopefully stay accident free.

Here endeth today's lesson.