Sunday, June 04, 2006

Paradise on Earth and Other Matters

Sir F Gask made a comment recently that I hadn't written in 13 months. I worry about the education system back in Blighty because he can't count - I last wrote in February. However, I take the point. I blame my memory - I couldn't remember my user id or password. Found an old email with them, so here we are in Paradise on Earth aka Florida. It's another gorgeous day, upper 90s and mid 70s at night. Gentle breeze keeps it pleasant. And Thunderstorms in the afternoon keep it wet! Going to the beach shortly. Enjoy the rays. Sir F asked about my night with Joan Collins. I have to confess - I slept with her. Shock horror! Actually, I sat next to her on a flight from Los Angeles to Thiefrow. As it was overnight, we slept together. Except when she was talking. She's good at that. An hour or so before we landed, she dived into the restroom, and stayed for virtually an hour to pretty herself up. At least I got time for some sleep. Let's hope that I won't wait another 5 months before posting.